May Updates (Gloria Edition)

This feels like the first page of a sketchbook.

Would typing “First.” and only “First.” dispel any anxiety surrounding this first blog post? Here goes!

Many exciting things are happening in the world of Gloria in the month of may onward. First of all, I passed my oral defense, wrote my thesis and have officially earned my Masters of Fine Arts from Ohio State University. Three years have come and gone and I feel like I am back to where I was when I earned my BFA. This is actually a good thing, as many good things have come my way. I have moved out the entire contents of my studio into my apartment, which is equal parts terrifying and liberating.

This time about three years ago I experienced a lot of firsts. I was selected as a Spotlight Artist for OVAC’s (Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s) exhibition Momentum, where I was one of three artists commissioned to create a proposed work. It was my first attempt at installation outside of a largely print-focused practice. I was also granted my first residency at Northwestern Oklahoma State University in the summer, going outside my bubble for the first time. I participated in my first trade print, titled Homeward, and another soon after called Making Your Mark. I finally moved away from Oklahoma, far away to another state that felt just like it. I took off running at the end of my BFA and hit a wall called ~ g r a d u a t e s c h o o l ~ but eventually climbed over to the other side, looked back, saw that there was no wall after all, and took off running again!

This summer I have several events to look forward to:

Pinchflat 9

Columbus, OH

For the month of May my relief print “one to three” will be exhibited as part of Pinchflat 9, an annual bike poster event showcasing 30 Ohio-based artists. We each made 30 posters which will sell for $30 at Paradise Garage and Wild Goose Creative. After seeing previous years poster shows, I was excited to have the opportunity to participate. I took the liberty of sharing several stages of carving and planning for this print. Also, friends are the best! (Pictured left to right: Brett and Kellie Bornhoft, myself, Michelle Burdine, and Teri Bailey.)

Filipino-American Artist Directory Book Release and Pop-Up Exhibition

St. Louis, MO

Images: Installation; front and back cover of the book; Filipino mums; my parents and me; a photo of Janna Añonuevo Langholz, Mikey Yates, and me beside Mikey’s painting.

Janna Añonuevo Langholz is a Filipino American artist based in St. Louis. Her project, Filipino American Artist Directory, connects and makes visible the broad community of visual artists of Filipino heritage living and working in the United States. It aims to increase the recognition of Filipino American artists through an online resource and series of publications, as well as group events, exhibitions, commissioned works, and collaborations with other artists and organizations. Thanks to my committee member, Gina Osterloh, I was made aware of this project and am now part of the directory. The 2019 Edition of this book was just released, and Janna organized a pop-up exhibition at Flood Plain Gallery in St. Louis, MO. I brought with me five windows to display alongside many other great works by nine other artists, one of which drove down from Colorado. Howdy Mikey Yates!

Janna shared with me the largely forgotten history St. Louis shares with the then new U.S. Colony of the Philippines as part of the 1904 World’s Fair. As part of this event, 130 buildings were constructed as reproductions of entire villages and ancient structures of Spanish colonial power. In addition to this, over a thousand men, women, and children were shipped in to “stock” the structures as living exhibits. St. Louis has lately been the mid-point for me between Oklahoma City and Columbus. I’ve always bookmarked spending more time with St. Louis, knowing that there was more than a night’s worth of happenings. In this trip I have collected another mass of reasons to keep coming back.

Connect:Collect and Print as Object

Oklahoma City, OK

Images: Prints hung up to spray with fixative; Norrick Art Center, where the prints will be exhibited.

18 editions of this print have been made for Alexa Goetzinger’s and Emma Difani’s print exchange titled Connect:Collect. The process used for this print was similar to a process I had used for a previous exchange where I laser-etched a piece of plexi and inked it like I would with a copper plate in intaglio. Printing this image took two separate layers of etched plexi. I used a stencil to apply powered graphite around the printed image.

An iteration of my thesis exhibition has been accepted into their extended print-related exhibition titled Print as Object, featuring print-based work and artists that are exploring more experimental and non-traditional printmaking processes. Connect:Collect and Print as Object will be shown at Hulsey Gallery in Norrick Art Center, Oklahoma City University, from May 21st to June 27th. The opening reception will take place on May 31st, 2019. If you can make it out, please do!

30 printmakers will be featured in this exhibit, including Michael Weigman from Ohio State University and some of my other favourites.

Other highlights:

I am the recipient of two grants! Yipee! The first was Ohio State University’s AGGRS (Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship). This competition is held twice a year and provides small grants up to $5,000 to support research and scholarship of doctoral or terminal master’s degree candidates for their dissertations or theses.

I also received a Resource Grant from Greater Columbus Arts Council. I will now have the tools available to hand print my own enormous monotypes.

I am collaborating with my favourite glass artist, Teri Bailey. We are playing with a lot of ideas, one of which includes casting inverse impressions of relief blocks I’ve made. Some of my favourite blocks belong to those made for print exchanges, and I look forward to seeing a mirror to my process.

This is a lot for a first, but May is a lot for a Gloria. I feel like I am missing something!

I can’t wait to see what Teri and Dustin are up to.